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You must be here for the mobile price in Bangladesh. Mobile phones are a very popular device in Bangladesh. Nowadays we just don’t use this for making a call or SMS. The area of using mobile phones is very big. You can capture photos, watch videos, send emails, scan documents & so many works. 

Mobile Phone Price in Bangladesh

If you are going to buy a new phone, but don’t which are available on the market, their price & which are best. We are here to help you to find the best mobile phone. All mobile price in Bangladesh with a review is available on our website.

Someone use a phone for making a call only, someone for gaming or someone for official purpose. For every type of user, there are different variants of mobile phones. Here we are going to talk about all types of users in detail. So, you can easily find your required phone.

Types of Phone

Nowadays a smartphone is the most popular in our country. Most people use Android or iPhone. Android has taken most of the market share of smartphones. But before the smartphone, the multimedia phone was widely used for storing photos, watching videos, or listening to music. Now the time changed, we use smartphone for gaming & daily uses, tablets for official work and smartwatch, smart band as a gadget.

Feature Phones

Remember ‘button phones’? Now, we called it feature phones or dumb phones, but a few years ago, it was familiar with ‘button phone’ in our country. Although we like smartphones, moreover feature phones are also used widely. This first-generation phone comes in the Bangladesh market at the beginning of the 20th century. 

That time, people used this phone for ringtone, MMS,  FM radio, simple games, Bluetooth share. This phone had a very simple camera with a low-quality image. These phones were much more expensive.

The reports show that the total number of Mobile Phone subscribers has reached 162.920 Million at the end of April 2020 in Bangladesh. While smartphones get most of the attention, but 81% of the users have feature phones.

Here are the 5 reasons to use feature phones.

  1. No Notifications: This is the best thing I love about a feature phone. With no notification, you have no chance to be distracted from work. You also didn’t have to update Facebook, Instagram.
  2. Battery Life: You don’t have to worry about charging. Feature phones didn’t have to be recharged constantly.
  3. Durability: They offer the best durability.
  4. Interface: This type of phone has a very simple interface, therefore everyone can use it.
  5. Price: They are the cheapest phone available on the market. 

Nowadays, we can buy a feature phone for 800 Tk (BDT) only. But, some brands like Nokia has some expensive feature phone. As they also offer more features like a good camera, the internet, a lot of apps & games. 

So, When you decide to buy a feature phone, Keep in mind, what you actually need. If you want to use a dumb phone with your smartphone, you should go for basic features only. The basic feature phone is very cheap. A lot of models are available in the market. But, for using apps like Facebook, WhatsApp or Browser, you need to consider the price. Nokia can be a good option for a high-budget feature phone.


Whatever it is Android or iPhone, both smartphones are most popular in the world. But in our country, Android is the most popular smartphone. While the iPhone is much expensive, several smartphone brands offer Android at a very low price. A study shows that almost 31.0M people use a smartphone in Bangladesh. That is 19.03% of total mobile users.

A smartphone can be used for gaming, watching movies, browsing the internet, or photography. High-end smartphones come with dual or triple rear camera & powerful chipset. 

Xiaomi, Samsung, Nokia, Symphony, Oppo, Vivo & Walton is the most popular smartphone brand in the Bangladesh market. A lot of brands with different features & prices are available to buy. In this crowd, choosing a perfect smartphone is always hard. To make this easy we have two different features: Price Range & Filter Options. Using price range tools, you can simply find a phone within your budget. The filter options allow you to find a phone filtering phone type & RAM size.


Table phone also called a tablet computer. The first thing about a tablet is its big-screen display. A lot of tablets are available starting with a 7-inch display to 12 inches. This is not the only difference between smartphones & tablets. As the form factor is the same, but the users of tablets are different. So, before buying a tablet, it is very important to be clear what features you need.

Another biggest difference between Tablets & Smartphones is the location. While smartphones are used everywhere, the tablets used in the home, office, or travel purposed only. So, tablet computers are considered as a productivity device. Most of the people use them for reading-writing, video calling, gaming & watching movies. 

If you feel the necessity to buy a tablet, then please consider the following feature. Keep in mind, it’s not important to buy the expensive device, it’s about the feature you actually need, the budget you can afford. 

Features of Tablets

  • Operating System: The most popular operating system for tablets is Android, iOS, Microsoft Windows & Blackberry. They all offer a lot of software & features. But, Android is the most popular in Bangladesh.
  • Display Size: Don’t ignore the display size while buying a Tablet. The bigger display is more comfortable for reading, writing, or watching videos.
  • Storage & Processor: If your purpose is to playing games, then go for the latest processor & bigger storage.
  • Camera: It is also considered as an important fact. For better video chatting, go for an above 5MP camera.
  • Battery: The biggest issue with tablets is battery life. No one should go for below 5000mAh battery. As the tablet has a bigger display, so it needs a bigger battery. 
  • Connectivity: All the tablets are not compatible with the 3G/4G network service. Some devices only offer WiFi. So, check it again if your tablet meets your requirement. 

All of those are the most important features that you must check while buying a tablet computer. You can also check if available tablet casing, keyboard & mouse.


Smartwatch is also becoming popular in our country. They look like a traditional watch but offer a lot of features. You can simply connect your phone to receive calls, send SMS, use Google Map. It has a fitness tracker that will show your heart rate, walking steps & more. This modern watch comes with a touch interface & various apps. You can easily use a calculator, notepad, calendar using a smartwatch. They also offer WiFi & Bluetooth connectivity.

Smart Band

A smart band offers the same feature as a smartwatch. They often called fitness trackers or activity trackers. You can also connect his with your phone and track walking, heartbeat, calories. The main difference between them is the design. Smart Band is more simply designed than a smartwatch.