How to Use Headphones with Two Plugs

How To Use Headphones With Two Plugs

In this era of technology, headphones are a very important thing to people who love to enjoy music. There are many types of headphones like wired and wireless. You may have seen a wired headphone coming up with two plugs. So, how to use headphones with two plugs?

You should not be surprised by seeing a headphone with two plugs. There is a special reason for this type of headphone. You may also see different reasons for this product according to its end uses.

So, in this, you will get to know the types of headphone jacks, the cleaning process of the headphone ports, how to connect Headphones with two plugs. Moreover, you will get some FAQs to know more about two plugged headphones. So, let’s start.

Types of Headphone Jacks

There are many types of headphone jacks you can have for yourself. These can help you to choose the best headphone jack for your device. Here is some information about the types of headphone jacks. They are-

  1. Lightning Jack 
  2. Micro jack 2.5
  3. USB audio jack 
  4. Type-C
  5. 3.5 mm mini-jack 

Lightning Jack 

There are some advantages to using headphones with a lightning jack. The users of the i-phone are familiar with this type of jack. You can also charge your device by using this jack. Along with charging, it produces the perfect sound for your headphones. Also, it can increase the possibility of digital value exchange and digital inputs; fitness sensors can be added to your accessories. 

Micro Jack 2.5

Another headphone jack is a Micro jack which was previously used for mobile devices. If you ignore the size of the jack, then the micro jack is similar to a mini-jack. The diameter of the plug is 2.5 mm. So, it is the smallest jack of any other jack. This jack can be used in the cable of smartphones. It can be used only for audio transmission. But, the popularity of micro jack is decreasing. 

USB Audio Jack

In the gaming world USB, jack is a very familiar name. Previously this type of port was used only for computers, but nowadays, these ports are connected with phones, tablets, music stations, and LCD TVs. The sound of the USB connector is more clear and powerful. This port is common for competitive expert players.

Type C

Type C audio jack is a newly invented jack and has been used in different models of smartphones. These jacks are more preferable to listening to quality music without any distortion. Especially, the OnePlus smartphones are using this type of jack to enjoy music as well as charge their devices.

3.55 mm Mini Jack

This type of connector is very common because it is used in almost all types of devices. It was a revolutionary headphone jack. The 3.5 mm jack comes with a partition in its build structure that helps to enjoy the music. 

How to Connect a Headphone with Two Jacks to Work on a Computer

It’s better to know how to connect two wired headphones into your pc from here. We will show you the step-by-step process to connect your two wired headphones to the PC and enjoy music or live stream. Let’s start. 

Step 1: Choose Your Headphone

First, you should choose the best headphone for you. Make sure you have two different wires coming out from the headphone, and they have two different signs.  

Step 2: Shut Down Your Pc

In this step, you need to shut down your laptop or desktop or computer. Though it’s unnecessary for all the headphones, you can follow this for extra security. 

Step 3: Insert Jacks in Correct Port

You must know about the jack and port because different ports are available on a computer for different jacks. Insert the audio jack to the audio port and the mic jack to the mic port.

Step 4: Restart Your PC

Now, you need to restart your computer. 

Step 5: Check Audio

To check the audio output and the audio quality you need to play music. 

Step 6: Check Mic

By launching record apps you can check the mic performance. For this, click the record button to test the microphone.

How to Connect Headphones to Two Devices

Do you want to know how to connect headphones to 2 devices? Well, connecting headphones with two devices are not easy to work. Not many headphones can be connected to two devices. 

Many people are curious and want to know how to connect headphones to 2 devices. With Bluetooth multipoint, you can connect two different devices simultaneously. But, it’s not possible with all the devices and headphones. 

How to Use Headphones Without Adapter

Bluetooth wireless headphones are the go-to option if you want your exercise routine to be completely cordless. Sending an audio signal over Bluetooth requires more compression and processing that de a loss of the quality of digital data files, but it will help you use your headphone without an adapter. So, you are recommended to use high-quality Bluetooth headphones so that you get high-quality music.

On the other hand, if you want to connect your wired headphones without an adapter, then sorry to say it is impossible. 


1. Why does my headset have two jacks?

– Having two jacks in headphones is common when it is for a computer. One jack is for the headphone port of the machinery. The other is for microphone use.

2. Can headphones with two jacks work on a laptop?

– Headphone with two jacks can run in the laptop of the old model, but in recent times, you will need to have an audio adapter to connect two jacks’ headphones with your laptop. 

3. Can you use Bluetooth and plug-in headphones at the same time?

– No, you can’t use the Bluetooth headphone and the wired headphones at a time. If you are connected with a wired headphone and instantly switch back to the Bluetooth headphone, then the Bluetooth will overwrite the wired headphone.

How to Clean Headphone Port

Cleaning the headphone port is the most important thing for me to enjoy quality music for a long time. If you don’t clean the headphone port, then it will lead you to jam the port anyway and keep you away from enjoying music. 

So, how to clean the headphone port? There are lots of tips to clean the headphone jacks but we are here with some real quick tips for cleaning headphone ports. Let’s have a look.

Method 1: Use Paper Clip

 You can use a paper clip to clean your headphone port initially. 

Method 2: Use Cotton Bar

You can use your cotton bar to clean the headphone ports.

Method 3: Using an interdental Brush

Without causing damage, you can use an interdental brush for cleaning corrosion to your Headphone ports. You’ll need rubbing alcohol and an interdental brush for cleaning. Firstly, take a clean toothbrush and dip it into rubbing alcohol. Make sure that it is moist. Turn off your device, gently put the brush into it, and move it circularly. Do it many times.

Final Note

Hopefully, you have understood how to use headphones with two plugs, and now you can listen to music as well as talk with your friends and family.

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