How To Connect USB Headphone To Mobile

A simple solution to help connect a pair of headphones to your mobile phone. A USB headphone jack allows you to plug any standard headphones into the mobile phone and use them to listen to music or make calls. They also come with two cables, so you can choose which one fits best for your needs. This essential accessory makes it easy to listen to music or make calls while on the go.

With the boom of smartphones, there is no doubt that the mobile headphone market has exploded. However, this development has not been without its downsides. So how can we avoid losing these fragile headphones to the wind and other elements? Here are a few tips on how to connect your USB headphone to your mobile device.

Connecting USB Headphone to Mobile

Things you will need to connect to mobile

  • A USB Type-C port compatible with your device (Check here). This could be a 2 or 3 speed, but what really matters is the width of this solution! I would recommend using OTG and connecting one to two devices at once, rather than making it bulky why we are just adding a small piece in there
  • Your Device’s Charging cable for your phone
  • The relevant one for your desktop or laptop Connecting USB Headphone to Laptop and Desktop You will require the following ‘Headset Amp’: £5/$8 from online. Recommendation “Greato” 2 in 1 Audio Adapter (USB-C, with charging)
  • A standard headphone output of whatever brand you have – this just needs to have caster wires that can be unplugged. From their plug so the USB can route through
  • The specific docking port that you would need to connect your headphones if it is one from these regular 1.8mm 3 pins male ports.

Charging while using the Headphone

Suppose your device is not compatible with charging at the same time as using. In that case, this can cause clipping or overcharging if connected during use. In addition, this might lead to issues where you turn on only to hear static when playing music/watching videos.

Connecting Headphones via USB Type-C/Dock Connector for Mobile/Laptop and Desktop Devices Compared Universal 2in1 (OTG Cable) + Micro SD Card Reader + Power Bank.

Troubleshooting Connecting a USB Headphone to a Mobile Device

Connecting a USB headphone to enable charging/music listening on your desktop or laptop?

You can use one of these (recommended since there are no limitations and you have full control): + Universal 2 In 1 Audio Adapter with Charger Portable Battery Power:+ Micro SD Card Reader + USB C Port for Phone Laptop Desktop – for $5, this is absolutely worth the price. And you can check amazon for any offer.

Using Wireless Headphones with your Mobile Device

Most smartphones come with bundled Bluetooth headphones. However, while using these, the battery level is almost depleted during normal use as you won’t be able to take calls or listen to music and so on whilst having them plugged into your phone.

Thus, having a portable charger to use while you’re commuting might prolong your battery life.

One such option is the USB Bluetooth speaker set – It has two 2200mAh batteries that are adhered together. Every hour when in the paired mode, it will power off one of them then charge the other just by being connected to either your phone or any main computer should there be an active draw on said speakers.

Connecting an Audio Cable Between your Android Device and Headphones

You can get an audio cable and then connect the headphones to one end of a said cable (headphones into tip, amplifier/speakers into another) whilst using your other earphone as a remote.

Once you create sound on both sides through connected cables – it will be merged together and delivered through grills in every headphone unit plugged aux input or USB headsets and so forth.

Expensive high-end USB headphones that you do not want to invest in (more on these later) and often feature Bluetooth support, the cables get damaged or are of a plain quality.

Just connect your headphone cable with an extension cord: it does make use of this external source for power, improving battery life and maybe even extending it.

How do I connect USB Headphones to a PC?

The pairing process can take a while, and you rely on the sound card to send signals. You will need to go into your audio settings, select the headphones in that list and allow them to be detected by computer software “recording” people (hallucinating) who may have hostile intentions towards you.

Once connected: use optical cables for all sorts of music between PC stereo output or an external media player via TV applications that work with DTS.

“trues rear surround sound.”

Other than the player (an external component as with an off-the-shelf amplifier), you do not need a separate amp for headphone usage. This is true also when using USB headphones that don’t feature front controls and speakers: just plug them into your PC or laptop’s audio output produced from said hardware, be it placed at the back or next to the side of your monitor.

How can I Connect a USB Headset to Tablet?

Suppose it is a tablet chock full of embedded speakers. In that case, you might still be able to connect headphones with a USB port – especially when connected through the headphone jack, and you directly can hear sound in your laptop.

If such an interface does not exist for sure on your brand new but only just purchased Pre-iPad device, all is lost. The best alternative then, in case port called “3 pins” either located between left side volume button and headset.


1. How do I use USB headphones with Android?

To use USB headphones with Android, you will need to install a third-party app. Many apps are available in the Google Play Store that allows you to do this. Some of the most popular apps include Headphonesx2 and AudioFX+.

2. Can I use a USB headphone as a Microphone?

Sure, you can use the mic that came with your USB headphone. However, in most cases, this is placed on one of the ear cups or behind them near or under a part called “wings.”

3. Can I use my USB headphones through an Ethernet cable

No, it won’t work because a headset does not have enough current to run over Cat-5’s (IEEE 1394b). So we cannot save any money by using wired headsets via Ethernet.

4. Can I use my USB Headphone For Gaming

It depends on what you will be using the headphone for. Most USB headsets work best with gaming consoles and computer games, but some can help if used in conjunction with a console voice chat device like Turtle Beach Talk to Mic.

5. Can I use my Plantronics headset as an amplifier?

Not really because most of their components are from Motorola: most Headsets have no output amp built-in, only being powered by the same component that runs your main.

6. Are there any disadvantages to using USB headphones with Android?

Not really. USB headphones allow you to extend the range of your wireless Bluetooth headset, which gives better audio quality. Not having wires also makes it easier for mobile users to switch between devices because headphone jacks are more accessible than most Bluetooth devices (Bluetooth does not work through walls).


If you have an Android phone, you can connect a USB headphone to your device using the standard 3.5mm audio jack. Just make sure that your headphones are Bluetooth compatible with your mobile device and follow these steps.

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