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Camera Price in Bangladesh

A Camera can capture your memory and you can go back to flashback with this digital device. It can store your memory in a digital frame. This journey started in 1969 after inventing the imaging technology using a digital sensor. Nowadays, there are different types of cameras. Such as DSLR, SLR, Handycam, Video Camera, Action camera. If you are looking for the latest camera price in Bangladesh, then keep reading.

There are more than 100 camera brands in the market. But Canon’s share of the digital camera manufacturer market is almost 45.4% and Nikon has an 18.6% share in the market.

Different types of people use a camera. Some are professional, some are amateur. If you’re an amateur and looking for a budget-friendly good camera. Then this guideline will help you. Today I’m going to share a complete guideline on how to choose a camera

Different Types of Camera


This type of camera is also known as a Digital SLR camera. The meaning of this camera is the digital single-lens reflex camera. They are a very popular camera for high-quality photography. Statistics show that around 24% of peoples use a DSLR camera. 

The most advantages of this type of camera are lenses. You can use different lenses based on your requirement. If you go for wildlife photography, you can use a telephoto lens and if you want to capture natural photography, you can use a wide-angle lens.

Digital Camera

The digital camera is also familiar with Point and Shoot cameras. They are very compact cameras. You can use this camera for family pictures or vacation pictures. But nowadays mobile cameras are very powerful and offer almost every feature of digital cameras. According to Statista, 81% of Americans are using mobile phones for photography.

The digital camera comes with a fixed lens. Some brands offer very useful features like Powershot, 4k recording, etc. They are easy to carry and use.

Action Camera

Action cameras are very compact and they are normally used on helmets, bodies, vehicles, or any integral part of extreme sports. They can be fitted in many places. Traveller also uses an action camera to shot videos. 

They are also very cheap and most of them have built-in wifi. So, you can connect and control the camera from your mobile.

Video Camera

Video cameras are known as Camcorder. It is used for videography, shooting different types of programs of our life. It was invented for the television industry but now it becomes a common gadget. The most popular video camera brands are Sony & Panasonic in Bangladesh.


Handycam is the small version of the camcorder. It is used for video recording. In 1985, Sony used this name to commercialize its range of camcorder. Video8 was the first model of the Handycam camera. 

The Handycam is normally used in the family program recording or in the traveling time.

How to choose a camera?

I have already discussed different types of cameras. If you have never bought any camera or looking to upgrade your old camera to the latest model. This guide will be helpful for both of you. You might be confused as many compact cameras and DSLRs are available in the market at the same price.

So, I suggest you start by thinking about why you are looking for a camera and who wants to upgrade their camera, they should focus on the latest features.

If it is just for personal photography and wants to store your photos on your laptop or computer, then you can start with a digital camera. DSLR cameras are also a great option if you want to take more control over your photography quality.

There are different types of lenses available in the market for DSLR cameras. So, it offers you the best features. 

For family videography, you can buy a Handycam that comes at a low price.

A compact camera or mirrorless camera is great for those who want to capture the maximum quality of photos in a smaller size. many of these offer the same kind of sensors as DSLRs and a compatible range of high-quality lenses,  accessories.